I live on the Citadel, but my exact location will not be revealed since C-SEC is constantly tracking me. I am the president and founder of the Conspiracy Accountability League Citadel Chapter. OUR PURPOSE IS TO REVEAL TO YOU THE SECRETS AND COVER-UPS THAT THREATEN YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I do the research so that you don’t have to!!! I ask the questions. I dig through the evidence, and I present it here for skeptics and believers alike. But if you read my blog you won’t be a skeptic for long. I personally guarantee that the information that I gather is high-quality and guaranteed 100% reliable! And you won’t find it anywhere else in the Galaxy. I am the one brave enough to speak out! This is my job… please support me by sending credits.


Task Force Aurora: I have uncovered documentation that points to the fact that scientist and infamous oddity hunter Dr. Garrett Bryson is running a SUPER SECRET TASK FORCE on the Reapers for the Alliance, and THEY ARE NOT TELLING US ABOUT IT!  Why is it a secret? I hereby challenge the Alliance and Admiral Hackett to come clean and tell us WHAT EXACTLY THEY ARE INVESTIGATING WITH TASK FORCE AURORA!!!!

Apparently, people as high up as ADMIRAL HACKETT HIMSELF are involved! His involvement is a huge RED FLAG that Task Force Aurora involves something about the Reapers – probably SOMETHING THAT COULD SAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!  The Alliance strongly DENIES the existence of Task Force Aurora, but I, with my years of experience, would expect nothing less.

I have tried to contact Admiral Hackett myself, but he won’t return my calls. WHY NOT?! Is it because he’s HIDING SOMETHING? I’m sure that he feels safe on his space station home as we all sit by and watch our friends and families get juiced by the Reapers, but I DON’T and NEITHER SHOULD YOU—we need to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. I encourage you to write or send a vid to Admiral Hackett and the Citadel Council demanding them to come clean and TELL US WHAT THEY KNOW!!!!!!